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The Order of the Tempest Series

The Complete Series



 “I need you to go to the cabinet.”


 “I need charred skeever hide, eye of a Sabre cat, and mud crab chitin.”

 “I guess we are playing Skyrim now.”

 “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

 “Nothing,” Bethany hands me the ingredients. 

 I mix them in my pot, adding a bit of water to brew it like a tea, while it heats and I stir it, I cast my spell, "This is the spell we intone, flesh to flesh and bone to bone. Sinew to sinew and vein to vein, and each one shall be whole again." 

 The potion bubbles, and I take it off the fire. I run it through a cloth to remove any bits of the actual plant to only leave the liquid. 

 Pouring it in to a cup, I hand it to Bethany as we make our way back to the couch where Hanna is laying silently. Her lack of movement worries me. I hope that this new potion will cure whatever is causing this wound to fester. I know Raven and his work and if I do not find a cure for this soon, she will not make it another day. 

 “Lift her head, we need to get her to drink this,” I let Bethany lift Hanna’s head while I try to open her mouth slightly. 

 “Hanna?” Bethany calls to her, but she does not respond. 

 “Hanna, I need you to drink this,” I pour the potion into her mouth slowly.

 We get about halfway through the cup when she chokes. One hard cough, and the bandages split open. Black liquid seeps from the opening and I use my apron to stop it.  

 “We need to seal the wound,” I look at Bethany, “If we don’t, she could bleed to death.”

 “Is that black stuff even blood?”

 “I don’t know. I need to check my grimoire to see what could have caused this.”

 “The poker?”

 “The poker.”

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*** Snippet***

I take a stick from my hair and as it lengthens, I guide her back into the house. She goes willingly, and I don’t know if she is faking it, or really doesn’t know. As we enter, I can see a vast array of jars, skulls, dolls, incense, you name it. I continue to push her towards a dining chair and force her to sit. I catch some string not far from her, and I grab it to tie her up. The whole time, she is babbling about who I am and what I want. It makes me think she really is oblivious.

After tying her arms to the chair, I move through the area we are in first to look for the talisman. Not spotting it, the next place I move to is the dining area. The table is littered with random items, and all I can think to myself is how someone can live in such clutter. Still nothing, and I ignore the constant questions coming from her mouth. I am on a mission, and without the talisman she is no match, but I am taking precautions. To the right is a bedroom, so I go there next. Low and behold, there it is, right on a dresser. Grabbing it, I move to the main area where I have her tied up and dangle it in her face.

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Execution of a Queen 02.06.23.jpg

*** Snippet**

“Jane Kennedy and Elizabeth Curle.” Two women step forward as Mary holds out her arms. The two women help her up, and the executioners help Mary remove her black robe. There is a loud gasp from the crown that created an audible echo in the Great Hall. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about until Red had to explain it to me.

“She is wearing a low-cut scarlet petticoat.”


“Scarlet is the Catholic color of martyrdom, so what Mary is saying is that she is about to die for the Catholic religion.”

“Oh dang, that has to be a slap in the face for Elizabeth.”

“I’m sure it will be when she finds out.”

They continue to remove the layers of clothing and at one point she lays her crucifix on the stool. The executioner takes the Agnus Dei off her neck and hands it off to one of her women. Jane and Elizabeth remove the chain of pomander beads and continue with the remaining layers. One would think she would be filled with sorrow, but she shows pure joy. The whole time they are pulling off her apparel, she never changes her countenance. She smiles with such glee as she utters some final words, “I have never had such grooms to make her unready, and that she never put off her clothes before such a company.”

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Crystals and oils and spells; oh my! This grimoire follows the magic found in the Order of the Tempest Series as well as additional tips, tricks, and tales for any lover of the art. What is your crystal? Do you know what your element is? Look inside to find out. While you are at it, don’t forget to brew a quick tea to sip on while you stir your cauldron.

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