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Generation Son Chronicles

The Complete Collection


Slowly letting go of Gwen’s hand, I rise to face them all. “I need you to tell me what you overheard Aphrodite.” 

Batting her lashes at Hephe she responds with one word. “Death.” 

“What do you mean death?” I ask in shock as the others mumble amongst themselves. 

“She plans to kill anyone who stands in her way. We may not as easily be threatened, but I fear that the lives of you and your guardian are in danger.” 

“Tell me something we don’t know.” Enters Apollo’s saucy tone. 


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***TO RESCUE A KING SNIPPET****                                                              

Once we all take a seat, my mother take a sip of wine and begins to speak. “I’m not exactly sure where to start.” My mother takes a breath. Her hands are shaky as the tea cup she holds rattles slightly in her hands.  

“Take your time.” Gwen speaks gently, placing a hand on my mother’s arm to help calm her.  

“I was twenty-five. I was sent on a mission by Henry VIII to help find out if Anne Boleyn was having an affair. It wasn’t until a few days in that I met your father.” She pauses for a moment and takes another sip of her wine. “He had been summoned to help Anne defend herself with proof that she was not an adulterer. It was decided that it was better to join forces, knowing that the queen was innocent. Unfortunately, there was no one who would go against the king and come to her aid. We were forced to step back and watch as the king had his wife beheaded. No matter what I did, and no matter how hard your father tried, there was nothing either of us could do to save her.” 

“Then what happened?” Kate asks intensely. 

“Well, to make a long story short, we continued to do things together. Two heads really are better than one. A few months later, I found out I was pregnant with you.” That last sentence takes a lot for her to say. I can see in my mother’s eyes that she is hurting.  


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My phone rings, and as I pull it out of my pocket, Luthor’s begins to ring as well. “I have no idea who this is.” I conclude as I look at it.

   “Me either.” We both stare at our phones.

   “On three.” I nod to him.

   “One, two...” before I get to three, my phone stops ringing.

   I answer mine right away. “Hello?”

   I can hear a frantic voice on the other line.

   “Slow down, I can’t understand what you are saying.” I pause “What do you mean?” Another pause. “Oh, dear God!” One last pause. “We are on our way.” I hang up.

   “What is it?”

   I look at him as if my puppy just died. “It’s Bethany.”

   “What about her?”

   “She’s been kidnapped.”


   “By a dragon.”


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